. about DEVSolaire

Dev Solaire specializes in solar items such as invertors, batteries, solar panels, regulators and various solar powered appliances.

We are also highly placed in semi-wholesale and wholesale distribution due to the vast range of goods we stock, including government supply for certain projects.

. our services

Home and Industrial Electric Solar Installation

Installation of Central Solar Grids

Supplier of Portable Solar kits

Drilling and Installtion of Solar pumps

Public lighting

Maintenance and After-sales service

. our products

Fridges and Freezers

Solar-powered Flashlights

LED and AC Solar lights

Convertors and Regulators

Solar Generator and Power bank

Solar panels

Battery and Accumulators

Solar pumps

TV & Multimedia kit

Cables and Electrical installations

Protection and Modular devices

Electrical boxes and Boards

. brands and partners

Over the years Dev Solaire has become the leading supplier of solar items in DRC. We supply our own brand known as Dev Solaire.